Being leader in development and manufacturing of modern, high capacity continuous industrial type decanters, HAUS started its activities in 1954 in Aydın with repair and renewing of various types of water pumps and presses. The company has manufactured the first olive oil press in the region in 1962. First olive oil production facility with decanter is manufactured by Ömer and Ahmet Gözlüklü brothers in the region in 1989. Today, having the ability to manufacture 350 decanters and 150 separators per year with 375 employees based on 32.000m2 field, the company has ISO 9001:2008 and TSEK certificates. The safety precautions of machines in work places and their compatibility with CE directives are approved by TÜV. HAUS manufactures decanter centrifuges and separators for waste water and potable water treatment facilities, oil fields, drilling industry, beverage industry, animal and vegetable fat processing and extraction industry, starch industry as well as chemical and pharmaceutical industry. HAUS sets its mission as manufacturing machines and installing facilities to fulfill customer satisfaction at utmost level with high quality production based on modern technology. In this context, to achieve company goals and mission Hakkı Usta supports her employees with motivation and continuous training. HAKKI USTA have been focused to create a global brand with its exports and extensive network of dealers since 2010 and generated HAUS brand. HAUS classified its sales operations with HAUS Centrifuge Technologies Co. for environmental and industrial applications and HAUS Food Co. for olive oil and milk applications Providing 7 days / 24 hours continuous after sales service and support in all regions of Turkey, HAUS can reach customers onsite at shortest time possible and can ensure that the machines are operating accordingly Focusing on R&D studies in order to improve the efficiency of the machinery, the company designs and manufactures various types of decanter centrifuges with innovative models. Also the company supports the facilities by computerized automations. Vision To be a success partner for our customers with high quality and efficient engineering solutions Mission To be a leader in the world with an innovative engineering approach in the design of decanters and separators with high quality and efficient service to our customers. Quality Management HAUS has specified its vision as manufacturing and installing machines with high quality and modern technology thus generating customer satisfaction. In this direction, the company supports its expert team with constant motivation and trainings. In order to increase the efficiency of the machines manufactured, the company has focused on R&D studies, with the innovative studies carried out manufacturing and designing different types of centrifuge decanters and separators. Also HAUS supports the installed facilities with its computerized automation system. Precautions taken during machine operations have been verified by TÜV to be compatible with CE directives.

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